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love yoga. live yoga

love yoga. live yoga.

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liveyoga aspires to unite like-minded people passionate about yoga and conscious living.

Yoga has the ability to teach us about ourselves on a mental, emotional and physical level; it can make us pause and take stock, which for some is enough to make subtle but positive changes, and for others it’s a much more profound connection with something deeper within.



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All abilities welcome, please see the timetable for classes.

Ashtanga Yoga (modified)

Based on the Ashtanga primary series but more lighthearted and less rigorous, this specialised sequence of asanas (postures) is mixed up to keep the practice fresh yet still challenging.

Vinyasa Flow / Power Yoga

Linking movement with the breath in a flowing sequence of moves designed to lift energy and vitality. A dynamic style of yoga that challenges the body yet promotes inner peace.

Yoga for Teenagers

Teenagers frequently have to deal with day to day stresses and often lack the tools to manage this. These classes encourage positive awareness of the body through a variety of poses, partner work and breathing techniques. To finish, a guided meditation helps to manage more calmly the ups and downs life brings.

Corporate Yoga

Employees trying to succeed at work can often be left feeling drained and under pressure. Through the practice of yoga, employees can learn tools to manage stress levels, increase productivity and improve mental focus. liveyoga can offer classes on site at a time to be arranged.

Private Yoga

Tailored to meet your needs (or a small group of 2 or 3) at a time that fits your lifestyle. Encouraged to develop at your own pace, the class can be aimed at particular aspects of the practice, a niggling ailment that yoga can relieve or simply strengthening the body and using the breath to calm and soothe the mind.