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My yoga journey began in 2010 and it took a while to not view it purely as a physical practice. With clarity I see now that it is not just about the postures - although these are great fun, often challenging, occasionally a source of frustration and always therapeutic - it's also about living mindfully. 

Yoga encourages us to stay present which is no meant feat - to be non judgmental and to let go of the ego, to not compare, to be satisfied with our lot.... Well, the list is endless, but ultimately it encourages us to be a better person. Well that I can certainly aim for. Join me?

Find your yoga journey....

My training:
I  hold a Yoga Alliance RYT200 hour teaching qualification through Yoga London which is recognised internationally.

I have attended numerous anatomy workshops for continuous development in this area.

'Simply being on the mat and moving with the breath through the postures can bring a sense of focus, positivity and energy - a moving meditation. Through my teaching I hope to inspire others to discover yoga; I love to encourage the development of each individual and help push past any boundaries that may arise.'