Hello New Year. What do you have in store?

Date: Saturday 7 January 2017         
Time: 10.15-12.15

Do you sometimes enter the New Year with trepidation….or excitement? Do consider the New Year to be a new phase; a chance to right the wrongs, to change the habits of a lifetime or do you simply embrace whatever it holds for you? Maybe you lead a mindful life and enjoy living day to day with no expectations.

Whichever area you fall into this workshop is about starting the New Year with good intentions. January can be a wonderful time to feel inspired for the coming year. Feel a sense of positivity and the desire to achieve in any aspect of your life. Let go of any doubt and believe. Allow this DETOX yoga workshop to kick start your 2017 journey.

Although we are still in the midst of winter we will embrace it with an energising asana practice to build heat, purify and wring toxins from the body through twists and side bends with a focus on strengthening the body. We will then slow down for a short while to encourage our bodies and minds to be still through longer holds; to challenge us to pause and listen to our bodies. Up for the challenge?!

To wind down the workshop will finish with a Pranayama exercise that builds heat in the body to help dissolve toxins and focus the monkey mind. After we have quietened the mind, I invite you to enjoy an extended Savasana with a mindfulness based meditation to help take awareness from the chaos of the mind and into the present moment.

EARLY BIRD PRICE £18 until December 10th! Further details below. Please note there are no refunds after 31 December but your space can be carried over to another workshop of your choice.

Location: Addlestone Community Centre
Price: £20. Spaces are limited!
Contact: lindsey@liveyoga.co.uk to book

Backbends - Friend or Foe?

Date: Saturday 17th September
Time: 10am-12pm

This 2 hour workshop will specifically be looking at Urdhva Dhanurasana aka Full Wheel. ‘My nemesis!’, we hear some of you cry.

The workshop is about understanding and breaking down the pose to ensure it is being practised safely. During the workshop we will be looking at 3 physical components that we need to consider to conquer Full Wheel. The practice will focus on these components to open up and prepare the body for this apex posture.

From an emotional point of view there is an element of both trust and surrender in backbends. They can feel unfamiliar in the beginning so it is normal to experience some resistance but by being present with how both the body and mind feels as you move through your backbend practice, this resistance eventually eases. Remember that there is no rush, just a matter of being patient and of course regular practice. So come, breathe deeply and prepare to be energised and uplifted!

Suitable for beginners to those that have a strong backbend practice. There is always something new to learn and options to explore.

Location: Addlestone Community Centre
Price: £18 before 31 July, £20 thereafter. Spaces are limited! 
Contact Lindsey to book


Spring into Spring - Detox, Eliminate & Rejuvenate

Date: Saturday 16 April
Time: 10.30-12.30

Shed the darkness of winter and step into spring with the aim to de-clutter and detox the body and the mind. Consider it inner spring cleaning! Encourage a positive mindset by letting go of bad habits, unwanted emotional baggage and unhealthy eating habits. Reset and restore.

Spring is the perfect time to empower and nurture ourselves. The days grow longer, warmer and brighter and we sense a shift in our perspective. We tend to have more energy to let go of what no longer serves us and pursue what will. Earth begins to wake up and bloom, we spend more time outdoors and feel more inclined to improve our physical and mental health.

So do you sometimes feel sluggish, the mind a little foggy and suffer from poor digestion? This may be down to a build up of toxins. This often happens during winter as we tend to eat heavier foods and store more fat to protect us against the cold.

So join me for a well rounded practice to eliminate toxins through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and to finish, a guided meditation to cleanse and ease the mind.

Location: Addlestone Community Centre
Price: £20. Spaces are limited!
Contact: lindsey@liveyoga.co.uk to book